A Social Solution for Shopping From 99Presents

With the goal to help answer the following question: I can buy anything, but what should I buy?  99presents aims to be a social shopping suggestions platform where users can find products that they want as well as products that their friends like, filtering out the unnecessary products. Products from eCommerce, retail, fashion, books, music, travel, jobs, restaurants, food and other sectors are showcased using users’ activities on social platforms. Social, being the 'in' thing, many solutions have been trying to bank on it. KoolKart was one of the first movers in this space.

User activities on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+ etc are tapped. This way, users and their friends will know exactly what is wanted and reduce their shopping time. As an added benefit users always want to know what their friends like and want. User will have different product choices from different eCommerce sites on 99Presents.com. To support their statements, 99Presents shared a report released by Capgemini which stated that 80% of people in India alone would want to receive personalized offers and recommendations. Plus, 90% of customers trust recommendations from people they know and 67% spend more online after recommendations. Having received funding from Nishant Vyas, one of the early 100 employees at LinkedIn, 99presents has the firepower to sustain the initial stages.

Jwalant Patel, Co-Founder, has an IT background, and has passion for web products. He is responsible for Product/Platform Idea, Design, Development, and Strategy. Minal J Patel, Co-Founder, 99Presents, is an editor by profession, enjoys learning, believe that entrepreneurs make an economy healthy. Finding business to be one of the most flexible fields, she studied Business Management at Rutgers University Newark School of Business. She is responsible for Communication, Business Management, and Business & Marketing Strategy.

It all started 6 months ago in January, 2012. We started working on a gifting application (Gift Commerce) tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter and we released the testing version in March, 2012 for survey purpose. After looking at survey results, we found an untapped area in Social Technology. We started writing the algorithm for 99Presents in June, 2012 and released the prototype in July 2012.We found out that “SOCIAL” has a still limited definition in the current market,” says Minal revealing the story behind the making of 99Presents App.

99Presents is able to expand in terms of users, product, and technology. They are planning to expand their social technology by accessing users’ conversations on social networks. They are looking for funding to continue development and design in different devices. Finding the right talent and getting them rolling is also a key task.

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