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Ask any die-hard TV junky and she will tell you that the discovery of shows is quite a task. Either it is a freak discovery while surfing through channels, quite a tedious task, or it is a chance discovery of a friend’s recommendation via one of the social networking sites. Finding more details about the show is also typically through a different channel/website every time. Once one had got through these barriers and settled on a show to watch, it wasn’t engaging enough, without interactions, trivia, games, etc. to keep the finger from moving to a different show. The realization that a single source of aggregated content, discovery/recommendation of shows and a socially engaging experience was what was required. Enter Amplyfy.

Amplyfy.me is your TV companion, bringing the power of social and content to every minute of TV. Amplyfy makes TV watching an immersive, entertaining and social experience. It provides the TV viewer with highly relevant content on their fingertips, a fun-filled experience with games, betting & discussions and socially engaging interactions and integrations.

We started building the product platform early 2012 and launched a beta Android application to demonstrate the power of the platform as well as gather feedback from friends and family late April/early May of this year. The launch has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm and the feedback has been very encouraging, setting the ground for the launch of version 2.0 with enhanced features, enriched content and with even more immersive features,” says Naresh, Co-Founder, Amplyfy. They also have an iPhone version in the works that will be launched soon. Today, they have more than 500 downloads with over 2,500 check-ins.

Keval Prabhu, Subhod , Guru and Naresh Bhat have known each other from their engineering days at MIT. Since then, they have been a part of several services startups, in various capacities, for the past 12 years. In early 2010, they decided to jump in to the entrepreneurial bandwagon and set up their own services’ startup, SpurTree Technologies. SpurTree specializes in mobility and social media solutions. Since then, they have grown exponentially and are today a 100+ member team. Prajwal and Rajesh were colleagues at Yahoo! where they were a part of the core analytics and back-end team. They hit upon the idea for building a social TV platform during one of their innumerable ‘hackathons’ that they had been a part of. They decided to take the idea further and approached Naresh and his team. For the SpurTree founders, this product seemed like a perfect marriage between what they were passionate about and what they had been doing as part of the services organization. The idea was transformed to reality and Amplyfy Technology Labs was born.

On a near term perspective they have a few monetization plans centered around content providers/media houses and networks. As far as the user is concerned, they plan to keep it a free service.

Amplyfy was one among the 11 companies selected as part of the Microsoft Accelerator program. These 11 companies had been shortlisted from a group of 200+ firms. They found the Microsoft Accelerator a great opportunity, given the great lineup of mentors and the access to great technology, and best possible infrastructure.

Got bored switching channels? Try Amplyfy. You can also download the Amplyfy Android App.


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