Announcing the Launch of the Fabulous Startup Workplace Series


The culture of a workplace is what propels a company. We at strongly believe the culture of the workplace represents a crucial factor in the continued success of a startup. A startup is believed to be characterized by chaos and disorganization but underlying this, there are very strong forces at work; these are what keeps the ‘doers’ egged up, rowing against the tides.In an effort to bring this essence out, we at will be covering some of the startups and the core values which makes them, them! All the madness, the chaos, the drive and above all, the heart behind the startup. We’ll visit these startups and interact with them to bring to forth the ingredients that keep startups obsessed and to an extent, fanatic! This video series will explore the culture within a startup workplace, how the company has thus far succeeded, and the intermingling of different departments (parts) of the company (body).

So, if you’re in Bangalore you’ll make life very easy for us but we’ll like to visit startups all across the country. Just fill in the form and we’ll revert with immediate possibilities!

Looking forward to meet you soon!