Announcing YourStory Pages!


Today, The YourStory team is very proud to introduce our brand new product that we're calling YourStory Pages.

YourStory Pages is a user-editable directory of Startups and Apps in the Indian eco-system. Our vision is to become the one-stop shop for all structured information about startups, apps, investors like Angels and VCs, mentors, service providers, products and more. By collecting all this information in one place, we're hoping to make it easier for everyone to discover new startups. Best of all, YourStory Pages is modeled after Wikipedia - Which means that everyone can contribute to build this database collaboratively! By making it open to everyone, we're hoping to quickly build up a reference directory for all startups in the country.Here are the pain points we're trying to solve with YS Pages:

  • Making discovery of Startups in India easy
  • Giving an identity to every entrepreneur and app developer in India
  • Providing verified up to date information
  • A platform to have a stance or identity in the Indian Startup sphere
  • Enabling quality research by providing highly validated data

YourStory has profiled over 6000 startups in the course of 4 years and is committed to helping startups get discovered, help them scale up, and help them create real value and businesses. With YourStory Pages, we're hoping to make it easier for startups and entrepreneurs to be connected to investors like Angels and VC funds, mentors, customers, service providers and even other startups! Hopefully we can build this up to be a real asset that can be useful for the whole ecosystem!

YourStory Pages is in Beta, which means we'll continuously be improving it and adding new features. We're also very eager to hear from you. Please use it as much as you can. Contribute. Add your company's details. Add your App's details. And let us know what you think.

YourStory Pages is available at