BA Studio: A Software Development LifeCycle Automating Tool

According to DataMonitor’s report, the size of the global software market has been pegged at $ 299.1 Billion in 2014. Gartner analyzed the 2011 application development software market, which grew 8.7% Y-O-Y, and it is expected to reach $10.1 Billion by 2015. According to Forrester, Cloud Computing market size will reach $241 Billion by 2020 and hit about $55 Billion  by 2014.

Platform as a Service, the third-largest cloud category, with a market size of $900 million in 2011, will grow to $9.8 Billion in 2015 according to Forrester. Forrester predicts steady growth as ‘Platform as a Service’ becomes a serious alternative for developing custom applications. Software as a Service-based application is expected to grow from $11.8 Billion in 2012 to $ 26.5 Billion in 2016, generating a CAGR of 17.4% globally. The Global ‘Platform as a Service’ market is forecasted to grow 26% percent annually through 2014.

While these numbers are big and growing really fast, one of the key factors contributing to this market's growth is the need to reduce the overall organizational IT service cost.

Growth rates in the ‘Platform as a Service’ sub-segment include: Application Development (22%), Database Management Systems (48.5%), Business Intelligence Platform (38.9%) and Application Infrastructure and Middleware (26.5%).

BA Studio is a 5th Generation RAD tool that automates Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The BA Studio™ product suite utilises a unique Model Driven Development approach to create software applications with a modern multi-tier design that support web and desktop clients, but with little or no coding. This will that improve efficiency in the Development, Architecture, Testing, and Documentation areas of software development.

So, what does it mean to Enterprises?

BA Studio has a star team in place with Shivakumar as the Product Ideator, Chief Architect, Founder Director & CTO of SourceEdge Software, Rajesh as the Business Creator, Marketer, Founder Director and CEO, Venkatesh, Product Executor and Product Manager of BA Studio Rajamanickam, the Lead Architect and Product Builder.

BA Studio has powerful modelling tools, and using these tools the user can model requirements; once modeling is complete they can generate fully running application automatically. Business Modeling, Data Modeling, Process Modeling and Application generation are all packaged into the product seamlessly.

The Product

BA Studio will be released in two editions as BA Studio 1.0, as perpetual licensing for on-premise model and BA Studio 2.0, as Cloud version on Platform as a Service (PaaS) on subscription model. The product will chart out the larger plan to access worldwide market and add greater strength of becoming self-sufficient or manageable to demand of software application development in such markets where acute shortage of skilled/technical manpower is the biggest issue.

There are other products in the offering as well. SourceEdge, the mother-product of BA Studio is used internally as productivity tool to develop projects/applications for its customers. SourceEdge has been using several elements/components of BA Studio™ to develop enterprise solutions for customers like Namadhari, Deluxe Roadlines, Ratnagiri Impex etc. Namadhari’s ERP was built using AppGen, the component of BA Studio™, helping Namadhari to substantially save its ERP investment by 400% and realisation of solution in quick 5 months time, whereas it was delivered in 6 months for Ratnagiri.

Similarly, development of Transport Management Solution for one of leading Fleet operators ‘Deluxe Roadlines’ where the complete solution was built using BA Studio™ within 6 months and implemented to 25 branches.

SourceEdge’s BA Studio has been tried and tested well. Share your thoughts after checking out BA Studio.


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