Biometric Technologies Launches Child-ID to Reduce Newborn Child Swapping


BioEnable Technologies, a company in the field of advanced electronic automation, identification, and tracking products and services, announces the launch of Child ID solutions, in Pune, India. With this improved electronic tracking system, the company aims at reducing the incidents of newborn child swapping and child thefts. The system can also be used in tracking the parents of lost child, making it easier to reach the child to its original parents in case of theft or swapping. BioEnable is aiming at launching the Child ID solution on a broader perspective, with a bigger socially responsible aim of reducing the number of female infanticide in hospitals and nursing homes.  

 “There are lot of cases of child theft and newborn child swaps by mistake or intentional. Most of them are either not reported or are never known to parents. All these can be controlled with such Child ID solutions,” suggested Mr. Pradeep Bhatia, MD, BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

 The system is completely based upon cloud networking, with advanced Terminal kits for registration and verification of every new born child in the hospital. With a broader aim of reducing child theft, swapping, and female infanticide, it will made obligatory for the hospitals to register every newborn child with the details of its parents. This will help in identifying and reporting child theft or swapping to the respective parents on time. In situations of girl child killing, the parents of such child can be identified and prosecuted with the help of Child ID solution. Further Mr. Bhatia alleged “BioEnable is glad to offer Child-ID solutions, which will cater to the identification requirements for the children in the age group of 0(newborn) to up to 12 years. Further, the system is completely modularized and can be extended to integrate with existing healthcare systems specific to children.”

 The system is absolutely user-friendly, and can also be extended in the future to directly link with UIDAI Aadhaar authentication of the child. It is considered that this will help in developing an identity of the child based on the information of his original parents.

 BioEnable Child-ID system can be used to feed in the demographic and biometric details of the newborn child and parents. This will help in monitoring and tracking child theft, swapping, or identifying the parents of girl child killing on the basis of footprint, IRIS, footprints, and face detection system.

 BioEnable Fingerprint Scanner, in addition to other identification and tracking devices, can be seamlessly integrated with Child-ID solution to generate more effective and automated identification. With this technologically advanced tracking system, BioEnable anticipates huge success in coping with the rising cases of newborn swapping, child theft, and girl child killing.

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