Centhrix, an Enterprise Solution For HR Management


Centhrix through its platform, CALIBRIX, offers enterprise solution for organization’s human resource management. It addresses end-to-end HR transactions, processes and analytics. It allows connecting with the 3rd party service providers to complete the entire workflow. The offering is web-based and harnesses the cloud-based technology to provide an efficient product at affordable cost to the client.

Jay Prakash Sinha (JP), a veteran from the financial sector, conceptualized Centhrix. JP has worked for over 15 years in financial sector at the top management level in the core activities of banking, portfolio management and equity research with leading financial conglomerates. JP holds PGDM from IIM Bangalore, M.Sc. (Physics) from Magadh University and CFA charter from CFA Institute, USA. Centhrix is supported by advisors. Mr. Shaunak Deshmukh (a veteran HR profession for over 20 yrs; for domain knowledge) and Mr. Vijendra Chauhan (an IITian for technology and product development) are involved since inception. Currently the team Centhrix has other vertical heads i.e. Mr. Manish Kukreja, heading Sales and Marketing, and CA Rani Agarwal, supervising Finance and Accounts.

A compelling idea, which was big, executable within resources, long-term and obviously need of each organization, was good enough to say good-bye to the job. Analyzing further, we realized that there exists a large gap between the needs and the offerings. Most importantly, small and medium enterprises were completely neglected. Once decided, there was no looking back,” says JP describing the motivation behind taking up entrepreneurship.

Team Centhrix observed practical experiences, the difficulties faced in day-to-day work life and the gaps in the existing offerings. This strengthened their belief that if right product at the right price is offered, the market size could be very large. Further, the product geography, sector or size agnostic, which enlarges the scope of growth. Analyzing further, they realized that HR is one domain, which is yet to be explored and its growth is not restricted. With every year passing by demand of human values and human relations development will also change which can only be managed/met by strong analytics and latest technology.

They operate and specialize in only one domain i.e. Human Resources. They have no intention to move to other domains. They will go deeper and wider within the HR domain itself in the times to come. Presently we offer all the modules related to HR transactions and processes. They are: Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Leave and attendance, Salary and reimbursements and Exit Management. Hygiene features like employee database, documents and communications complete the spectrum. Although, their offering is geography, sector and size agnostic, their initial focus will be Indian service sector companies with an employee base of less than 500. Their infrastructure, however, can take care of half a million user-base.

We are different in our approach. We differentiate both in value and in price. We firmly believe that there is always room at the top. They offer only one product with various modules and options. All the services are related to that one product only. They have no intention to diversify in the near time. They offer utility-based revenue model. This allows their client to cut on their capex,” says JP.

Cloud is the technology, which offers anytime, anywhere and any device access to information. According to JP, it will create its own space. Cloud further helps in reducing cost and time to the end user. Team Centhrix believes that Cloud has the capability to change the way organizations transact, store data and access information.

We keep things simple and that is reflected in whatever we do. Clients appreciate that. However, execution of such simplicity is complex. We excel in untangling,” says JP signing off.

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