Cleartrip Launches iOS app with Splitscreen Search Exprerience


Cleartrip is known for it's clean and neat design [Read our interview with Cleartrip Chief Designer for insights]. In a recent announcement, it has launched the app for iOS. Cleartrip’s iPhone app brings its split-screen search experience to mobile. The split screen design was invented by Cleartrip when it launched 6 years ago.

Here’s a quick walk-through on Cleartrip for iPhone which can be a case study in good design itself:

Search The new search form hosts some handy features like geolocation for selecting departure airport for current location, recently searched airports and the ability to easily swap the “from” & “to” cities with a tap.  The recent searches option allows the user to search again with just a touch.

Search Results

Cleartrip’s two-column split-screen search experience for round trips comes to the mobile. With this convenience, selection of departure and return flights happens on the same screen on the iPhone. It not only enables flight selection but also offers the special round-trip flight discounts, wherever applicable. Attention to detail prompted the creation of small placeholders for selected flights, so that short-listed flights are not missed while scrolling to check more options. Sort options can be used to reorder the results to check the cheapest, the fastest or the earliest flight. Additionally, there are filters that help narrow down the search by sorting results by specific airlines, flight timings or even non-stop flights.

Payment options Once flights are selected, payments can be made using credit cards, debit cards or a net banking account. Alternately, by signing into the Cleartrip Account, payments can also be made using Expressway. The cards selected on Cleartrip’s desktop site are also available on this app.

If not already enabled, a fresh Expressway account can be activated by saving card details through the app. It is as safe & secured as the desktop site. Even coupon codes can be redeemed through this app.


The Cleartrip for iPhone app allows customers access to all their previous flight bookings with Cleartrip, regardless of whether they were booked through the desktop site or on Cleartrip Mobile. While the current version of this app comes with flight bookings within India only, an update with other Cleartrip products is also soon to be launched.

You can download the iPhone app here for free


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