Docntalk wishes to Inject Connections and Dissect Boundaries!

Docntalk is the first online platform for enabling networking among doctors and future doctors, medical product and services organizations to leverage the "power of community and connections".

Beta Launched in June 2012, docntalk visions to become the best and biggest networking medium for medical professionals.  It is different from other media like LinkedIn or Facebook because is dedicated only for doctors and medical professionals.

Abhinav Jain, co-founder, docntalk, has worked at companies like Dell, SAP and is currently managing the technical stud at docntalk. Apurv Modi has experience with excel start-ups like Crafitti consulting, Qutesys Infosol,, The Global Technopreneur. This gave him a considerable exposure in marketing and sales strategy. He manages the international relationships and branding for docntalk.

Entrepreneurship was always on our mind; my father was an entrepreneur who broke the walls of family business of harvesting and jumped in to retailing and later to financing. And while doing engineering and MBA we both had a dream of doing something of our own. During the same time Apurv became part of Crafitti consulting (an IIM B–NSRCEL startup) and gained momentum for bringing the change. And as soon as we found the right opportunity we just banged in,” says Apurv.

Docntalk claims to have received registrations from 1000+ Doctors within just 2 months from our 79 countries. Around 100 research papers have been uploaded on the website. Currently, they are visiting medical colleges all over India to get the budding Doctors online as well. This can enable them to connect with their seniors and get a considerable amount of knowledge and exposure about the latest trends in the market.

A unique feature on Docntalk is the message option on the Doctor’s public profile. Here, people can ask any question to the doctor and the Doctor can reply from his/her inbox. This reply will go to the other person’s email.” Docntalk’s complete usage is restricted to ONLY doctors and future Doctors, but as an additional feature, the public profile is kept open for the general public.

Initially, the Docntalk team faced some challenges while setting up the technology, as they were concentrating on improvising upon time, scalability and money. Now that their platform is ready, they are going about maximum doctors online.

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