Facing Difficulty Delivering to Tier 2/3 Cities? earthMOVERS has a Solution!

Who hasn’t been a witness to the ecommerce boom? Initially people clamored for space in the quickly-bulging market and then the smart service providers came into picture. The market has now evolved and many niche ecommerce companies are coming up. These companies are smaller compared to the biggies on the field. It is impossible for them to have their own in-house logistics setup like a few very large e-commerce companies. India Earth Movers wish to address this pain point. They wish to create a level playing field for these small & medium sized e-commerce companies so that they get very good performance in terms of delivery timings & cost associated with it.
Started by Harsh Bhatia, Earth Movers is a 7 month old Mumbai based last mile logistics start-up working only for E-Commerce companies in India. “Although we started as a last mile logistics company but we are also providing end to end connectivity along with other fulfillment services. We are a 35-40 people strong team and I (Harsh Bhatia) am the one currently heading it. I was previously working with an ecommerce company based in Mumbai. I have experience in on-field operations, social media marketing, sales,” says Harsh.

The opportunity in the market due to the problems faced in last mile delivery by ecommerce companies inspired Harsh to take the entrepreneurial plunge. The sector excited him as he had prior experience on working for on-field projects where he was managing a good amount of field workforce & had to produce results within strict deadlines.

Their pricing model varies from client to client. They work on a per transaction basis pricing model, flat pricing model, and revenue sharing model. They are open to any pricing model if it makes business sense. Their services & pricing models are very well suited for ecommerce start-ups as they also help their clients from procuring the product from a vendor & delivering it to the end customer.

We plan to increase our presence in Tier-2 cities & aim to start with operations in 2 cities per month. Besides that I also plan to add in a business partner who brings along with him/herself a good amount of experience in technology / operations domain,” says Harsh.

earthMOVERS promises swift COD cash remittance for their clients which in return improves the client’s internal cash flow.

Is earthMOVERS solving a critical pain point faced by ecommerce companies?


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