Games2win Launches a Moon Landing Game in Honour of Neil Armstrong

Games2Win, a global top 20 online games business, today announced the launch of Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon, an interactive online game that recreates the historic mission of Neil Armstrong to the moon. The game is dedicated to the memory of Neil Armstrong who piloted this historic journey.

The game play recreates the first manned mission to land on the moon and the four critical stages that made Apollo 11 a successful mission. First, the player must skillfully launch the Apollo 11 rocket; then orbit the spacecraft around the Earth while traveling towards the Moon. Next, the player must land the lunar module on the moon's surface and finally re-enter Earth, ending the journey safely in the ocean.

Alok Kejriwal – CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win said, "Neil Armstrong inspired millions of people all over the world by fulfilling a global dream. Creating an online game in his honor allows the younger generation to interactively experience his heroic journey and appreciate the humongous challenges he faced way back in 1969. By playing the game, one can truly appreciate what Neil Armstrong achieved!'

Games2Win also offers consumers the opportunity to extend their Apollo 11 experience beyond the virtual world. Embedded in the game, consumers can click on a link to receive a paper model rocket design of the Apollo 11 mission that can be downloaded, printed, cut and built into a real-life memento.

Games2win owns over 600 original games that are published on its portals & and on the iOS and Android market places.


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