Start-up does not require an MBA from a blue-chip B-School; e.g. Adani , a dropout !


As a second year B.Com student of Gujarat University, he could have cried over his family’s financial condition that forced him to discontinue his studies, but, he didn’t! Instead, he charted his own plan to handle the financial problems which were bothering him and his family. This dropout is none other than Gautam Adani, Founder of Adani Power Limited recently listed as the 10th Richest Indian by Forbes Magazine.

It is often observed that students are afraid to crystallize their ideas because of the failure factor or because they think that higher education is important to become an entrepreneur. The example of Mr. Gautam Adani bears testimony to the fact that the vision to start-up does not require an MBA from a blue-chip B-School. After dropping out of Gujarat University, Adani did not mull over the damage that had been caused. Instead, he went to Mumbai to make his own mark in the city of dreams. Yes, the path to pinnacle was not easy. In his struggling days, Mr. Adani had to work as a diamond sorter at Mahindra Brothers in Mumbai; he took his job as a challenge and worked with dedication – think tall, work small. He was a quick learner and within two years, he became a diamond broker in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai.Mr. Adani believed in trying instead of focusing on the results. Therefore, on one call from his brother, he started importing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and this was his first step into the space of global trading. It is said that fortune favours the bold. With the onset of globalization and liberalization in India, the profit of Adani Exports started going up, sky high. Eventually, Adani Group expanded and became leaders in the areas of power, shipping, exports etc.

Successful entrepreneurs have been people who have not been bothered about rejections, failures, naysayers. They believed in their ideas, worked on it and took it where it was meant to be taken.

It is this superlative success of Mr.Gautam Adani which makes us ask one question- “Why can’t I, if he can?” Each one of us is born with an idea and we only need to execute it. Between your dreams and the reality, there lies one person - you. Ask yourself what you want to be.

Author credit: Mohita Adhvaryu


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