Looking for a Gift For Your Girlfriend? Giveter Might Help


Gifting is a tough ask and more often then not, causes 'heartache and pain'. A common complaint while shopping for gifts is: "How would I know what he/she wants?" Interestingly, there are some people who've been looking to solve this problem an have come up with interesting solutions. Founded by Avinash Saxena and Mayank Bhangadia, recently launched Giveter is an upcoming contender here. It is a website to find relevant gifts based on recipient's age, relationship to gifter and occasion.

Tying up with various online website/brands/physical stores with expertise in different product verticals, Giveter also helps find gifts based on the recipient's personality and gifter's mood. "We have an inhouse gifting aggregation team which cherry picks unique giftable products. Once the user finalises a gift, presently we redirect the user to our partners, for payments. Currently we have a total of 2500 gifting option in different categories," says Avinash Saxena.

On the occasion of friendships day, Giveter introduced a new concept of Zip-Gift. With e-addresses becoming more real than physical addresses, people will be able to send, receive and share gifts on Facebook. The pilot was carried out on Friendships day and 10,000 zip-gifts were sent within 36 hours! "We also got many appreciation emails from people are really liking the idea. Now, we have a task at hand of shipping out the gifts. These gifts should reach their friend's doorstep by the end of the week." informs Mayank.

Mayank and Avinash are both from IIT Delhi (2006 batch). Mayank was a consultant with Schlumberger Business Consulting in his prior avatar while Avinash was the CTO at Zomato. With strong leadership at the helm, Giveter is working on the product and shall be expanding soon.

Run through:

With a very simple, direct UI, Giveter quickly makes it clear what it tries to achieve.

Once you've chosen the above parameters, it straight away takes you to the window showing options what you can buy. Trying out a very obvious option, a gift for a girlfriend on a 'farewell' occasion and it gives out a bunch of options. Few impressive but few, not so.

Talking about the algorithm, Mayank says, "We have varied team who handpicks gifts for various categories and then there is an algorithm which ranks these gifts according to the selected filters. We are improving this algorithm every day. We are also working on a new design which help users discover our personality and mood filters, non-intrusively guiding them towards a set of gifts most appropriate for their requirements. Further, we are going to make these recommendations very personal, by recording and analysing what kind of gift you give in various categories and to whom."

A good value proposition, Giveter has multiple ways in which it can progress from here. Try gifting via Giveter