Launches Tracking Products in India

GPS, the leading provider of Web & Mobile based GPS Tracking Platforms announced the launch of its operations and services in India. The company will now enable the people of India, with their tracking systems to keep a tab on their assets and people they care about. These systems are ideal for personal tracking, Child Tracking, Elderly Tracking or business use like Vehicle tracking, Fleet Management, Truck Tracking.

GPS Integrated is a division of BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Limited and provides quality GPS Tracking Products, GPS Tracking Services to customers and businesses across the world. Their services and products are based on GPS (Global Position System), GSM (Global System of Mobile) & Web Technologies.

The owner of GPS Integrated alleged, “In our endeavor to make India a safe, secure, and peaceful place to live, we have introduced our tracking systems to help people get the peace of mind that they have always wanted. The increasing affordability of and demand for GPS tracking devices by businesses of all sizes and even individuals and families, represents significant investment potential for those interested in reselling commercial licenses for GPS tracking software. GPS tracking is quickly becoming a routine part of everyday life. We expect the demand for both commercial GPS tracking software and quality service providers to continue to increase over the next few decades.”

GPS Integrated is offering high class products that allow customers to offer GPS Tracking, Emergency Assistance & Fleet management services in your city. Your customers can track mobile vehicles, assets, people and even animals. All you will need is a GPS Tracking device, a Mobile SIM card and Web/Mobile based service subscription and you as rest assured that no one can the things that you care about away from you.

The owner of GPS Integrated further said, “Our Web & Mobile based GPS fleet management & tracking systems can increase the profitability of your company. We support wide range of Mobilephones, PDA and GPS Tracking devices for Personal Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and Asset Tracking applications. Our web based software includes Dashboards, Realtime tracking, Worldwide street Maps, Professional Reports, Alerts and integration with Mobilephones, Desktop and web services. A GPS unit can allow you to locate people if lost or in case of emergency using our GPS devices. We are sure that no matter who you are or what you do, you will definitely benefit from our products.”


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