Cloud & Mobile Solutions Provider, Hooduku is now Betting Big on Their Business Analytics Product


There are hordes of technology solution companies that provide a host of services across different platforms. The industry is dense with a lot of players, and it's the differentiating factor sets the players apart.

Hooduku is a bit different from the rest. It promises expertise in niche technologies like Cloud Computing and Mobility. Furthermore, their management has a combined work experience of over 76 years in various facets of the IT industry’s operations, a seemingly good value proposition.

Hooduku is an IT solutions company, which aims at providing cost effective solutions through its expertise in Cloud and mobile technology. Hooduku means “search” in Kannada, a south Indian language, implying to its potential clients that their search for an IT partner ends with them.

Headed by significantly experienced personnel, Hooduku has vast experience working for it. It was founded by Babu Jayaram and Sudhi Sheshachala who are veterans of the IT industry. caught up with the company’s COO, Mr. Kiran Kulkarni.

Cloud and Mobility; an ideal marriage

One of the key distinguishing features of Hooduku is the fact that it is a niche player in enabling two emerging technologies, namely Mobile and Cloud. Having seen the trends of the IT industry, the founders were quick to identify the potential of the combination

of these two technologies.

Through this, Hooduku focuses on a hybrid technology helping its clients to move its resources to the cloud and then mobile enable their important services to maximize the reach and utilization of their resources.

Although Hooduku boasts of some high profile clients in its portfolio, they aim to serve small and medium businesses. Along with providing SaaS solutions and taking up fixed budget and time material projects, Hooduku provides mobile solutions to small and

medium businesses and has recently released a business analytics product, Xervmon.

Introducing Xervmon

Xervmon has the ability to integrate and analyze spending data across multiple cloud vendors (Amazon, Google, Rackspace, HP, Microsoft) across all the tiers of the cloud stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and legacy IT. Thus, even as cloud adoption is inevitable in

business, Xervmon intends to play a crucial role in ensuring that you manage the budget to do it right. From this ability springs the following features:

• It provides businesses spend trends across multiple service providers

• It presents cost saving opportunities, predictive analyses and cost/usage information

• It uses proprietary applets CloudSpend™ and SpendTrend™ to run analysis on ITspend data

• It consolidates and integrates IT spend data in easily exportable formats using Big Data techniques

• It integrates seamlessly with existing dashboard software like SharePoint and Alfresco

Learn more about Hooduku and their cloud based business analytics product here and here.


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