Top #7 Reasons Why You Must Have Kepplr in Your Phone


Last time, we wanted you to introspect on if you own the content or not– A little thought would reveal that it is mostly the device that owns the content. If you lose your device, you lose your content!

Content is actually a very inert word – It doesn’t capture the emotions that go with photos, sensitive data that go into files and the importance that is associated with contacts.

To put is simply, Kepplr is a service that lets you access and share your content irrespective of the device. Technically, it is a Data Synchronization service that helps you keep up to 10 devices in sync! (Have more devices? They can make the arrangements)

What all can Kepplr do?

1.     Help you keep your content safe and secure – Your files, contacts and photos are backed up to our cloud server. Lose your phone, change your phone – You’ll always get it back!

2.     Keep sensitive content away from prying eyes – You have a tendency to pass on your phone, but you don’t want to others to share your personal moments, or sensitive files? Just keep them safe in our lockr! The files will be accessible only if you enter your secret password! We are working on adding text messages to the lockr too!

3.     Share – Share your photos to popular social networks

4.     Sync Multiple Devices – Photos and album synced to the cloud will be actively pushed to all devices that have Kepplr! You update a word document, add a chart to your spreadsheet or just take a photo, it is available across all your devices

5.     Locate your phone – Missed your phone? Log into Kepplr portal into your account and locate your phone on the map!

6.     Remote Wipe and Lock – Someone took your phone away? They won’t take your data! Remotely Wipe and Lock the content in your phone.

7.     Buddy SMS Alerts – Some smart aleck stole your phone, and replaced your SIM? Get Buddy Alert SMS with the new phone number

There is a lot more to Kepplr than what meets the eye! We want Kepplr to be a world class product, and there are a lot of ways in which you can help!

  • Try Kepplr out, and pass on your feedback to
  • Are you an Android / iOS expert and want to work with us? Come join us! If you are super-smart AND Hardworking college student, apply to us for Internship

Kepplr is releasing first on Android, and coming soon to Apple iOS, Windows Phone 7.5, Symbian and Blackberry. So you can soon have an Android phone, iPad and a Windows laptop and keep all your content in sync! / and Kepplr from United Mobile Apps are giving away lot of goodies for great feedback:

  • Some of the Anti-theft features are part of Kepplr-Secure and are not part of the basic package. Early users will be given free subscription to these advanced features
  • Win Intel Powered Xolo X900 Android phones!
  • Due credits in Kepplr website

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