Knowlarity releases universal mobile application for Super Receptionist (SR)


Super Receptionist allows you to track all your business leads and get control of all communication to your organization through a dashboard on mobile phone.

What does SR allow you to do?

"Imagine, in the morning, after daily pooja, a business man or a key executive clicks a small button to see a dashboard on mobile phone and within moments one would be able to access the voice of existing and potential customers and how employees are communicating with customers, who are the source of the revenue for the organization!" explains the announcement.

This SR application is written in universal standard of HTML5. There is neither a need to install any apps on your mobile nor worries about the compatibility of apps with the different types of mobile phones and operation systems as SR app can run on all the smart phones and requires a simple browser.

This app provides ease of use for businesses as mobile phone is an essential that business people carry at all times. Moreover, tracking the entire business communication in real time from a dashboard on mobile is a source of competitive advantage for all the businesses. This app also helps one to differentiate between performing and non performing employees quickly and see core issues that need to be addressed.

Key Dashboard features:

  • Call logs: It helps in managing business leads and ensuring that these are properly attended by employees.
  • Voice mail: To know the voice of the customers in real time
  • Call recordings: Listen to pain points of your customers, assess whether these are properly addressed by the organization and get your business growing with satisfied customers.

In near future, Knowlarity will launch native applications for different mobile platforms for different segment of users.

Website: Knowlarity. Download Super Receptionist.


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