Learning Soft Skills through Theatre with iThink Training


The theatre is the involuntary reflex of the ideas of the crowd” - Sarah Bernhardt

The converse of the above quote is also true. Theatre can also instill ideas and furthermore, theatre can also be a great source of learning. This very ideology is being applied by iThink Training; an individual-centric, performance-oriented and theatre-inspired training enterprise.

iThink Training provides soft skill training for corporates through the composite art form of theatre. It draws its inspiration from theatre, propels its acts through experience, substantiated with reality and it believes in tangible change in an individual.

Not solving a problem but filling a gap

iThink is making an attempt to fill up an empty space in corporate training through using the composite art form of theatre. Senior managers from reputed companies with a profile of handling learning, training and development corroborated with the playfulness of

theatre practices and realized the immense potential ingrained in the art form. iThink has created action-oriented, experiential learning modules for people development with adherence to the requirements of the individual and the organization.Their larger vision is to take the values of creativity, initiativity and performativity to the larger masses, and create opportunities for them to become more well-rounded individuals by exploring their own true selves through the creative processes that theatre offers.

Theatre: A powerful learning tool

The concept behind iThink is a culmination of a decade long exploration in varied areas in theatre and corpo

rate sector. While corporate training and theatre are two extremely diverse yet unified arenas, they have been trying to negotiate with each other for quite some time.

Through a realization that theatre offers some very engaging, transformational and potent tools for self-development, the idea behind iThink is to employ them in facilitating people’s Soft Skills development in organizations.

Led by Vineet Arora and Kuljeet Singh, who are both adept in the art of training and theatre, iThink training’s grand vision is to iThink infuses creativity, using theatre as an art form, making work life worthwhile. Along with corporate training, iThink run open programs once-in-two-months, which attracts a lot of individuals and organizations.

iThink are planning a mega theatre festival GUNG HO!; for corporate sector, for which they are looking for partners, collaborators and sponsors.

A Novel Idea

While the idea of incorporating soft skill training through theatre is not new, there are not a lot of people doing it. Corporatizing theatre in such a way not only provide great training, but also gives life to the dying business behind the art of theatre and iThink has shown one such way in which arts such as theatre are still relevant and useful in today’s world.

You can find out more about iThink here.


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