Liked a Product You Saw in the Papers? Buy it Right away with Spurfy

Raghuram Belur had a brief stint with the corporate world but being the startup soul he is, he quit soon and worked for a couple of startups. An engineer from NIT Surat, Raghu has spent the past six years working with ideas and trying to make them work. Currently pursuing an MBA a IIM Rohtak, Raghu is also working on his next big idea, Spurfy.

The idea is simple: The intent to buy a product seen on the print media is at its peak while reading, which diminishes by the time the viewer opens up Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet to do the checkout. Not to lose this precious time, Spurfy wants to enable print media readers to buy products showcased or advertised, on the spur of the moment, on their mobile.

"Using Spurfy, a reader can take a picture of a product and complete the checkout process in the app itself. The product can be seen either in a ad or review in the magazines or newspapers. Spurfy essentially bridges the ads and reviews of the products in the print media to purchasing." explains Raghu. Spurfy acts as a marketplace by bringing in merchants, buyers and the magazines. "By adapting Spurfy, magazines can add a revenue source while the advertising merchants can measure and increase the conversions while the customer is more than happy to get the product of his/her choice instantly." he adds.

Spurfy takes care of the complete e-commerce backend, handle payments and oversee image recognition and other technology backend. Talking about the product range, Raghu informs, "Initially, we are covering the magazines related to Lifestyle, Home Décor, Gadgets etc. where there is huge potential for m-commerce. We also plan to extend to Individual product ads."

The partnering magazine lists the products merchandised in the latest issue before it hits stands. The catalogs that are available in the app will be having a small note informing the same. "We are working with magazines in two models. One, Where magazines adapt Spurfy App and we tie-up with the merchants showcasing on these magazines. Two, We also provide a white-label solution for a magazine or publishers where the brands have complete control while we support the product backend." informs Raghu about their partnership with magazines.

Taking commission for the conversion, Spurfy has just launched and is seeing good response from the key decision makers. Magazines would like the idea as the app gives subscription of the magazine and other magazines of the publication house, it engages the reader, can monetize on successful transactions and gets a mobile presence. On the other hand, Spurfy is a good bet for the merchants as it provides them a mobile presence at negligible cost, more sales, ability to measure response from ads and an eCommerce platform for offline sellers without technology issues.

Spurfy is on Yourstory Pages. You can download the app and going forward, the plans are to extend the impulse buying to Live Television.



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