Mumbai Based NaturalMantra Raises a Funding Round from Freemont Partners

Natural Mantra, a lifestyle destination for eco-conscious shoppers, has raised an undisclosed amount from Freemont Partners, a platform for innovative ideas which provides seed funding of upto INR 50 lakhs.

Natural Mantra provides a wide selection of natural, organic, handmade and earth-friendly products with an aim to make eco-conscious-living easy, accessible and affordable. Based out of Mumbai, India, NaturalMantra has been founded by Nishant Nayak and has a 4 member team currently. With the infusion of the funding, the team size is set to go up and NaturalMantra will be expanding it's operations.

Starting up in late 2011, NaturalMantra had been looking for funding to scale up and with the support from Freemont Partners coming in; the team is buoyant about achieving their goal. “Natural Mantra was looking for investors who share our vision of bringing a chemical free lifestyle to consumers everywhere. We believe that the team at Freemont Partners brings forth a wealth of experience and a shared vision to help take Natural Mantra to the next level. We look forward to their guidance as we take the next steps on our journey to make buying earth-friendly products easy and accessible,” mentioned Nishant.

The company has been seeing a 100% increase in traffic and revenue on a monthly basis with majority of the sales happening in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. “Pune and Chennai haven’t been far behind and we’re really happy to see traffic from Tier 2 cities who’re taking advantage of our service for the lack of an organic store in the vicinity,” added Nishant.

A very lean team, NaturalMantra does it all on its own currently. They have tied up with courier services for their logistics but for in Mumbai deliveries, they’re experimenting with various models including self delivery. With over 2,000 highly curated organic products on their portal, the aim is to put more products but not at the cost of quality. “Our aim remains to provide our customers with very safe products and eliminate all harmful chemicals from products found around your house,” says Nishant.

NaturalMantra has an office in Mumbai but would explore opportunities for a physical presence in Delhi and Bangalore. With a vision to provide safe, chemical free products to all their customers, NaturalMantra will carry on building themselves aggressively.

[Editor’s Note: We at were extremely gratified by Nishant’s testimonial and would like to take this opportunity to post it here. “ has been with NaturalMantra from Day 1 when we were looking for the initial support and the events they’ve held has been a very big help to us to be at the stage we are. We heartily thank for all that they’ve provided us till now. In fact we met our investors at a YourStory event in Mumbai”]

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