How is Dr Shalini going about changing Doctors' Lives?

A Doctor with a MBBS degree and no other formal training is a lost soul in the concrete jungle! Private hospitals can take her with low pay scale, but hadn’t she decided that she would start her own clinic? And even if she does, how does she manage it successfully? A doctor is not supposed to market her practice to inform people about her existence because it is considered to be unethical. Therefore many students after MBBS are now joining management. This changes their line from a practitioner to a corporate manager. But what about those doctors who want to practice? With so many corporate hospitals coming up what will happen to individual practitioners if their outlook is not changed to upgrade with time.

Teaching of soft skills is lacking in the medical curriculum. Doctors are made aware of the latest in medicine but not necessarily the latest in Healthcare. There are various management courses like Healthcare management, Hospital management, Pharmaceutical management and many more. Should not there be Patient Relationship Management teachings in the medical schools and also Medical Practice Management courses in B schools?

NIRVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has taken a small step to reach out to doctors conducting workshops to make them learn, understand and create awareness about these latent needs.

NIRVAN Life Sciences is a company specialized as a Healthcare Education and a Communication Company. The fundamental objective of NIRVAN is “Empowering Doctor-Patient Relationship” and “Empowering Medical Practice”. This they feel can be achieved by empowering the patients with knowledge and building practice by ethical marketing.

Dr. Shalini Ratan, MBBS, MD (Delhi University) Post doctoral fellow (CCMB, Hyderabad) has been a medical professional for 15 years with progressive experience in medical marketing, healthcare training, clinical laboratory techniques and scientific research. She has taken a Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Studies, Mumbai.

There are various bodies helping doctors to update medical knowledge. However, Dr Shalini’s concern was how effectively a doctor becomes Patient centric than Disease centric and hence the idea of Nirvan Life Sciences was born.

The emerging healthcare scenario revolves around the Doctor-Patient relationship. Also, with an increasing number of internet savvy patients, the healthcare providers are being frequently questioned by the patients. Also, with a considerable increase in the number of patients, time management skills have gained importance. With the advent of technology, the doctors also need to be kept informed about the latest technologies.

To keep in touch with the current trends, a doctor, these days, needs to provide:

Personalized healthcare: Doctor – Patient Relationship is unique within the health care profession. Every patient is an opportunity to build this relationship.

Patient Advisor: Doctor today has to be a healthcare advisor, not just provider.

Corporate thinking: To handle corporate sector challenges one needs to open to new learning.

Medical Practice Branding: Traditionally, the only acceptable way of building practice was “word of mouth”, but today doctors can use additional avenues to promote themselves ethically.

The market has observed a shift in the way it looks at doctors. From a clinician and an academician, the doctor is looked as a service provider. To address this situation Nirvan Life Sciences has devised a special learning session for doctors who wish to gain an overview of these skills.

Programs for Doctors:

Seminar: Building Doctor-Patient relationship and Medico Marketing


  • Creating patient loyalty in healthcare: A module on communication skills
  • Life Cycle - Understanding behavior of “ME” and it’s application in Personal and Professional life
  • Time management for medical professionals

This seems to be a new domain in the soft-skills cum healthcare segment. Docs, check our Nirvan Lifesciences!