Looking to Network This Weekend? There's Lots On Offer


Planned your weekend yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t! Check for all the interesting startup & technology events at YourStory.in's events listing and find the one for you.

YourStory.in’s event listing with its bigger & better avatar has many more events listed now. This time, a variety of events are happening in startup ecosystem across the country. To start out eith, we'd love to be a bit biased and invite you for Edustars which is slated for August 25 (tomorrow) where the top 9 Education startups chosen from all across the country will demo. Also, Bangalore Barcamp 2012, Android & Drupal meetup are up this weekend. If cloud has webinar on one hand, conferences are scheduled for the mobile sector on the other hand. And to keep the spirit of Friday night alive, DJ Paolo Mojo is coming to New Delhi.

Amidst all this, the biggest event for startups, the Grand Finale of TechSparks 2012 is closer than ever! The clock is ticking; 8th September is now only 2 weeks away. Book your tickets for the ‘Olympics’ of Startups – TechSparks 2012 now!

So, what’s new on events listing? Based on your valuable feedback, a RSS Feed has been added for you to subscribe to all our updates with a single click! Just a click away lies all the information of the crucial startup & technology conferences, seminars, meetups, bootcamps, webinars & most importantly, networking opportunities.

This weekend, YourStory.in's events listing brings to you numerous events in mobile, cloud, education, networking, technology, and other domains. Major attractions include Edustarts & Barcamp in Bangalore, Android developers/entrepreneurs meetup in Hyderabad, Mobile App Conference in New Delhi & a Closed door session with CMD, Value First in Gurgaon.



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