With Plustxt Send Messages Mission Impossible Style!

With the success of several messaging application across various platforms, the market has seen a surge in the number of applications built around the messaging features. Plustxt is one such application with a difference. Plustxt is a secure, privacy enabled texting platform across all mobile OS & the web. It has APIs for 3rd parties to build texting apps.

Some of the primary features of Plustxt are:

  • Provides a texting platform faster and more usable than existing platforms
  • Enables robust privacy controls for users
  • Built in security of data and transfer of data
  • Enables users to address issues like Sexting and Cyberbullying
  • Enables enterprises to securely communicate with their users and customers
  • Enables powerful group texting and social features leveraging messaging

Pratyush Prasanna, Founder, Plustxt, currently looks after the Product vision, Design and Business development. An alumnus of IIT-KGP and IIM-C, Pratyush was part of the team that started SMSGupshup (and got them to 5M users). Lokesh Chauhan, Tech Architect, looks after all server side development and APIs. Lokesh is an alumnus of IIT-B and has worked at SMSGupshup. He was also a part of the founding team at Hoonur.

The development has been very much a roller coaster ride. We started off with a few app developers - and soon realized they are not suited for a technically complex app like this. We decided to trash all code and start all over again - learning one key lesson. NEVER outsource the soul of your company - in this case technology,” says Pratyush.

They use an interesting mix of local storage + cloud for their messaging service. They have been using AWS and with the alpha users, the usage of AWS resources was pretty high. With the Azure movement, they intend to have lower TCO as well as optimize their cloud usage for messaging communication by working closely with the Microsoft team.

The focus has always been on Safe and Private texting. None of the larger players look at these aspects. We also intend to be the replacement for BBM when people stop using BBs and move on to better phones,” adds Pratyush.

+Send: Send a message with security controls e.g. Do not allow download / Forward or Delete after 5 minutes)

+Delete: Proactive deletion from recipient's inbox

These are some cool features that tend to catch the interest of people. They have also achieved technically compelling messaging challenges like showing read / deleted status (others show sent / delivered).

Plustxt is one of the Final 11 of the Microsoft Accelerator Program for Windows Azure. Plustxt is open to Angel investors interested in investing in them, and are also open to hiring people for building a great team.

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