Viral Hour @ StudentStory : Reddit story | NASSCOM Social honors | Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013


In an effort to bring what we do at StudentStory and to bring our content closer to what you want to read, this is our concluding post for the day and we would like to know more from you on how can we improve in building this Student Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the country !

Here are our 3 posts for the day !

Reddit Story

An ailing mother and a sick girlfriend, but he kept his calm, moved on & reddit was born !

Acquired later by Conde Nast Publications for a sum of $10 million!

Interesting , isn't it ?

We would love to know from you :

  • How many of you use reddit ?
  • What is the best thing you like about Reddit ?
  • What do you think are the challenges in building on such an Idea ?

NASSCOM Social Innovation Honors for Students

Didn't you always want a platform where you wanted to showcase your idea for social development in India ?

In our developing country , you surely can and would be able to contribute with your innovative thoughts; here is a Golden Opportunity from NASSCOM Foundation !

  • What is the biggest problem that you think India is facing right now ?
  • What is your solution to the problem ?

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013

Are you a technologist , Imagine Cup might be yours !

  • Do you have an idea and daring to go and win these awesome prizes ?1st Prize: $50,000, 2nd Prize: $10,000 and 3rd Prize: $5,000.
  • Have you used windows platform to build an application before ?We would like to hear your viewpoints on these questions in our so called " Viral Hour @StudentStory" from 10pm to 11pm !


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