ScaleArc Joins Global Cloud Network To Bring Database Infrastructure To Mobile-First And Emerging Markets


ScaleArc, the pioneer of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, today announced it has joined the Global Cloud Network (GCN), an alliance of mobile carriers who run their mobile clouds and IaaS on Joyent’s data center fabric. In joining GCN, ScaleArc will offer its ScaleArc iDB v2.2 database infrastructure software through Joyent’s carrier-grade SmartDataCenter cloud infrastructure for carriers utilizing GCN.Traditionally, carriers hosting a MySQL database in the cloud have faced significant challenges. The constant application modification needed to scale database environments -- while billions of real-time, data-intensive and latency-sensitive mobile transactions hit the networks each day -- is nearly impossible to do without experiencing serious business continuity issues. With the addition of plug-and-play iDB technology from ScaleArc, carriers on GCN can bypass the need for modifications and achieve instant scalability, higher availability and better performance of their MySQL database environment.

“Carriers need a high-performance, highly available database infrastructure that can instantly scale to meet the demands of today’s user-intensive mobile, web and mission-critical machine-to-machine applications,” said James Blom, Vice President, Mobile Alliances & Technology Partnerships, Joyent GCN. “Global Cloud Network is the foremost ecosystem for satisfying the needs of mobile carriers and mobile clouds in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as the mobile-first markets of Africa, India and Indonesia. With the addition of ScaleArc, we can ensure our customers are able to realize instant database scalability and higher availability of the mobile applications hosted on Joyent’s SmartDataCenter.”

Customers can immediately begin using ScaleArc iDB v2.2 software to achieve instant horizontal scaling of MySQL database instances hosted within the Joyent SmartDataCenter and enable SQL-aware load balancing with higher availability. They can also use agentless transparent query caching with a single click, obtain real-time logging and analytics of all SQL queries and achieve a new level of SQL security.

“There’s huge global demand for high-performance cloud infrastructures and Joyent’s Global Cloud Network is fulfilling the need for massively scalable mobile network infrastructures,” said Varun Singh, founder and CEO of ScaleArc. “Joining GCN allows us to enhance the network’s performance and reach a broader market with our new ScaleArc iDB v2.2 and cloud licensing program offerings.”

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