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The internet is a marketplace and the websites are the shops. Every website sells a commodity directly or indirectly and selling happens due to good marketing. The call was out of good marketers for the internet space and thus began the clan of the internet marketers. Armed with tools of SEO, SEM and SMM, internet marketers as individuals and corporations have been in a fight for their clients’ recognition and success through their websites.

However, despite the existence of numerous internet marketers, the industry still needs good internet marketers. In the scheme of providing the client better SEO, SEM and SMM techniques, the original purpose of these tools is somewhat forgotten and leads to the use of powerful techniques in a place where it's not needed.


Tangence is an internet marketing company which, through its service portfolio and a proprietary execution model, aims to address some pressing challenges faced by many internet based businesses while reducing 50% of their client’s costs at faster turnaround times.

It is refreshing to see a company in this space concentrating on the basics of internet marketing, namely –

i)                   Increase Awareness

ii)                  Content / Inbound Marketing

iii)                Solve Resource Crunch

iv)                Accelerate Lead Generation

v)                 Provide One-Stop Marketing


Tangence provides the services which are expected out of an internet marketing company. Customization is of essence to this company as there is no single strategy or philosophy for generating creative content on presentations, collaterals etc,.

They provide an SEO package which concentrates on targeted PPC campaigns that include keyword research, ad design and copy, landing page optimization and bid management.

Tangence provides a comprehensive package to address social media needs, through social media account management, network expansion, content development, content promotion, social media monitoring and comprehensive reporting. Furthermore, they also provide email marketing service.

To go hand in hand with their internet marketing vertical, Tangence also has a web development vertical which provide comprehensive services on website development, microsite development, ecommerce development and CMS. They also take cater for the requirement for mobile web development also.

Objectivity in services

While their services are very similar to any other web business enabler, they differ in their application of their services. It is becoming more and more apparent that a one size fits all approach does not work in the service industry and the reason for Tangence’s success is its un-subscription of this ideology.

Tangence is an exhibit of a trend that needs to be followed by many more service companies in India.

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