Chennai Gets An Online Grocery Shop, Stork

Ecommerce has come a long way. Now, one is actually left wondering about the item that is NOT sold online. After taking the bookstores online, the shopping malls were taken onto the internet with a plethora of ecommerce companies offering items from clothes to shoes. A new trend was introduced by taking the grocery store online! The local kiranewala (grocery store owner) might dislike such stores, but it can be a relief for women who wish to order stuff with just a click! Stork is Chennai's first  online grocery store.
Stork has been started by two graduates of NIT Kurukshetra, Ajeet and Rajesh. Both graduated in 1994 and have their own entrepreneurial ventures, located at Chennai.  Stork was conceived around Oct 2011 and since then they have become an integral part of the Indian ecommerce saga.

Ecommerce is going to take central position in retail. Currently it is still in its nascent stage for the larger part in India. It will be going through drastic changes before it will stabilize. The mindset of people will have to be broken on the security & reliability of ecommerce and this will happen over a period of time. Tradtional commerce is never going to die, but e commerce is definitely going to bite into its share slowly & steadily as it was for net banking 10 years ago,” says Ajeet.

Some salient features -

Quick Shop - Already have a shopping list and don't want to waste time browsing - use our cutting edge technology of QUICKSHOP. Just type or paste your need in quick shop. It will provide you list of all items matching your requirements, one by one.

Quick List – Express way to do shopping for regular stuff. Choose from our default list of items used in regular households.

Order History - You can view complete history of your old orders. Just one click and reorder the same list again. Also you can track your monthly spends.

Team Stork is working on improving their model at Chennai and plan to replicate it to other cities. They are building an App which they plan to release in the market shortly.

Chennai folks can check out Stork!


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