Introducing Techsparks 2012 Speakers: Joe Ziegler and Pieter Kemps


The day when the Top 30 tech product startups from India will be unveiled is nearing and anticipation is building up. The four month campaign which began in May will culminate in the Grand Finale of TechSparks 2012 at Bangalore on Septemer 8th. After introducing our first speaker Shereen Bhan, we present the speakers from Amazon, Joe Ziegler and Peter Kemps.

Joe Ziegler

Joe worked at Netscape developing some of the first e-commerce applications during the early days of the Internet. His next venture took him to NetGravity and his second classic Internet IPO. After that, he enjoyed building several startups from the ground up in the role of the technical executive responsible for building the company IP and managing the engineering groups. His most recent thriving venture is Iris Data Services, which landed on the “Forbes 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the US” list.


Pieter Kemps

Pieter Kemps is responsible for Amazon’s VC outreach activities in Asia, which focuses on making Amazon Web Services more valuable for VC’s, incubators, and their startups. He engages frequently with the leading VC’s across the region and helps their portfolio to leverage the AWS platform to develop, market, and monetize their offerings better and faster.

Pieter has a background in product development, business development, and deal structuring. With over 12 years in blue chip technology companies, his expertise cuts across infrastructure & networking, Location Based Services, mobile, and Cloud computing. He has been in Asia for over 6 years and has an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Summa Cum Laude), with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship.

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