Tell us #WhyStartup and Win Free Tickets to Techsparks 2012 Grand Finale


We're a fortnight away from the Techsparks 2012 Grand Finale, the largest startup event in India that will showcase the top 30 tech product companies. We are working on a adrenaline rush to make it the best show for startups across the country. Block your seat for the event if you already haven't or you can be a wee bit creative and win tickets for the event.

Throughout the day, we'll be tracking the #WhyStartup hashtag on Twitter and the top 5 we feel stole the show will win free tickets for the event. It can be anything, #Whystartup because I hate cubicles, #WhyStartup Because I never knew what 'boss' means! or anything you deem valid.

Being the biggest protagonists of the startup spirit in India (yes, we like to believe so and hope you do too :) ), we've picked up this hashtag first and would like to encourage hordes of people who've always dreamt of starting up. Please follow your dream, don't trash your idea, startup! All those who've already done, join in and shower in some tweets of encouragement and the "pleasurable hardships" that you've endured and continue to do so gleefully.

To tell you more about Techsparks which is going to be held on the September 8th in Bangalore, 15 companies will be demoing and the T30 report (Tech30 2011) will be unveiled. The likes of Shereen Bhan, Joe Ziegler, Pieter Kemps, Gautam Gandhi, Narendra Bhandari, Shailendra Singh, Ravi Gururaj, Shradha Sharma and others (Speaker List) will be speaking at the event and the day long startup fiesta is a must attend for everyone interested in the field.

Tweet on and see you at Techsparks!


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