The 2012 EduStars Survey Report


Today, in association with Accel Partners showcases some of the best education startups in the country at our annual EduStars event. For this year's EduStars, we're also launching a research report on the state of the startups in the education/e-learning space, the oppurtunities in front of them and the biggest challenges they face.

We surveyed over 50 startups in this space, to get their take on the various questions in front of educational startups today. How easy are they finding it to gain traction? How are their customers - be it schools or parents or the students themselves - reacting to products in this space, and what are the biggest challenges in gaining the required momentum among customers? How do VCs percieve this sector and what are the biggest challenges of raising money in this area?

Find out more in the full research report, which has been created by YS Research in association with Accel Partners. Download your complimentary copy of the report here.

The EduStars event is happening today, 25th August,  at the GINSERV Auditorium, Behind Leela Palace, Airport Road, Bangalore, starting 2 pm.


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