The Winners of the #WhyStartup Twitter Contest


The Techsparks 2012 Grand Finale is slated for the 8th of September and being the kind hearted team we believe ourselves to be, we organized a Twitter Contest yesterday to give away 5 free tickets. The response was amazing and it made us leap with joy to see #whystartup trending nationally. Only third, but trending nonetheless! Fantastic tweets came in and it's wonderful to see how starting up is liberating in most cases. So, we're not just giving away 5 free tickets but choosing 5 others that'll be getting a 50% discount coupon.

1) Semil Shah @semshah143

Q: #WhyStartUp ? Ans : The moment you start following feelings & want to do what u love & what makes this world a more better place to live.

2) Gaurav Kumar @crazyjeekay

#WhyStartup ? You don't want to be another#HariSadu

3) Kaushal Shah @kaushalshah

Don't wait for the revolution. Become the Revolution. That's #WhyStartup!!

4) Ashoka Foundation @AshokaIndia

#WhyStartup? Because people have the power to drive change! #socent

5) @iseekthee

#whystartup because your schedule works for you and not the other way round.

These were the top 5 from our stable; putting into consideration, quality as well as quantity. Here are the other tweeps who'll be getting a discount coupon for the grand finale. Please write into to avail the discount.

1) Ram @googler_ram

#WhyStartup Because I want to work for my dream

2) @kavya0603

#WhyStartup because we’ll be rubbing shoulders with likeminded people with great ideas & drive.It allows you to Experiment

3) Zafar Rais @Zaf

#WhyStartup Creating a world that you have dreamt of is better than living any other dream.

4) Joseph Ganesh @josephganesh

#Whystartup - Bcoz, I sincerely believe it is my Destiny & i want to be the reason behind the change which i wish to see in this world!!

5) Arjun Raj Kumar @arjunrajkumar

#WhyStartup The ability to be boundless in thoughts, words & deeds.

Sticking to our claim of being 'kind hearted' if someone feels hard done by, please tweet to @yourstorydotin or send in a howler at techsparks at yourstory dot in.