They Make Sweet (Designing) Love


Founded by Nikhil Paul, WeMakeLove is a curated webstore for gifting ideas and design originals. Along with a permanent collection, WML also curates temporary theme based collections during occasions and festivals. Why WeMakeLove? "The Name itself is a major deciding factor of what should sell on the store. Lets break it "We" - group of designers and artisans making things with utmost passion and care. This doesn't end at the product level, we also extend our services till the product reaches the recipient by gift wrapping each product with a similar passion. Through our products and service we want our customers to order two sets: one for themselves and the other to bestow to someone special. " explains Nikhil.


WML is a team of interdisciplinary designers supported with an IT team which is outsourced as of now. Founder Nikhil Paul was in Italy from 2006 where he pursued masters in business design from Domus and worked for online startups like Ninja and He moved back to India last year and started working on WML.

"We went live on 14th july and have already launched two campaigns(Rakshabandhan and India-ness), reached about 10,000 people and over 3000 subscribers." informs Nikhil. Very young currently, WML has a very small curated product range and provide free shipping + gift wrap to the customer.

This fall, WML will be launching a campaign for Diwali called Green Diwali which will include lots of eco friendly gifting options that are being developed in collaboration with designers all over India. "The website will continuously be upgraded with new features and applications with a more user friendly approach to shopping. We are also starting popup stores across India. Focusing very highly on design, the site takes a makeover every time a new theme is introduced. "We are running India-ness theme right now for 15th august and before this we were running rakshabandhan where the site was filled with eclectic rakhis and gifts. The theme sets a guideline for what is to be curated." says Nikhil.

The website has a lure associated to it and you'd want to give in to the compulsory 'subscription' that WML asks for before browsing the products. Asking Nikhil about why he went ahead with this step of keeping a compulsory subscription, he says, "We want people to be compelled to signup to see more (through the design of the site and the products on homepage). Its more of a reality check than being intrusive. Also, by default it automatically curates the crowd that will appreciate what we have curated for them."

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