This Independence Day, Put a Smile on a Soldier’s face!


Divyanshu and the team at 21Fools, the 'happiness spreading startup' had gone to watch the movie, Gangs of Wasseypur. Before the movie began the National Anthem shot at Siachen was played. It was then that it suddenly struck to him about the impact they would be able to create if a Thank you card could be sent to those soldiers who are guarding our Nation at the border.

To put this idea into practice, they got the necessary approvals from the Indian Army and have now prepared a mechanism for delivering the cards to the soldiers.

Step 1: The customer will come and purchase the greeting card from the website.

Step 2: 21fools will print the card and send it equally to all the five Indian Army Border HQ.

Step 3: The name of the people who have bought the card will be displayed on the website.

Step 4: The details (Signed letter from the Indian Army that 'X' number of greeting card have been received by them) will be made public via 21fools.

The Design for the greeting card has been completed. It’s a unique design in terms of number of people who have helped us to make it. The design includes 28 picture of 28 diff people from all the states.

We don’t want to monetize the noble cause and bank upon the love people have for the Indian Army. Whatever we are charging our customers will be completely used for the printing, creasing, cutting, packaging and shipping of the cards. If at all there is a margin of profit, we will use it to print more cards for our soldiers and send it on behalf of all the people who have bought it,” says Divyanshu, Co-Founder, 21Fools. Apart from Surendra Chaplot, Co-Founder, 21Fools, Kaumudi Bhardwaj from their team has taken active part in this initiative.

To keep the initiative out of any controversies, they will be making the finances as transparent as possible on the website.

They have got a good feedback from the start up community and the media, but still the final number of cards that are to be sent to the Army is not very encouraging. They hope that by this Independence Day, people would actually come out and devote something for the cause.

On this front, they have also received mails from Indian Army that they are really looking forward to this initiative, so now 21Fools has rested their trust on people of India, that they won’t disappoint the soldiers.

Because of the security reasons it is not possible to reveal the name of the soldier to whom the card will reach. But we will send a Thank you card to the person who has taken part in the initiative and will let him know to which part of India his card has been shipped,” says Divyanshu.

On a concluding note he accentuates the fact that this is not an initiative by 21fools, and that they’re just serving as a medium. This is an initiative which won’t be possible without unconditional support from all over. They are asking for help from Indians to make a soldier, who is guarding our borders selflessly, smile.

We at extend our support to the cause and would request you to ask your organization, your school, your college or the company in which you are working to participate in the initiative and make it big.


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