Facing the Traveller's Dilemma? Traverik, a Social Planner Gives an Option


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” said St. Augustine and rightly so. Traveling provides some of the most unique experiences in one’s life time and surely does a world of good for the traveler.

More often than not, travels for the sake of traveling don’t span out so well. For some people, this is due to a lack of planning. Though it might seem to beat the purpose of this kind of travel to start with, it slowly dawns on the person traveling that there is too much to do in a trip and the traveler ends up doing only few of the things that they wanted to do. The travel sector in India has been abuzz with activity to solve this problem and one now has a wide choice of trip planners to choose from!

Traverik is the latest product vying to fill this gap. Founded by Ashutosh Pandey, a traveler himself who felt the need to come up with something to plug the gap, Traverik is currently in closed beta.

Traverik – The Social Itinerary

Traverik is an online tool that helps people build their trip itinerary and collaborate with friends and travel-mates in the process. It is fairly distinguishable from your regular travel company; along with ticketing and information about destination, it enables users to plan and generate an itinerary and brings in the aspect of collaboration.

Traverik is open only on invitation currently and some rigorous iterations are going on behind the scenes. However, the product goes live in a few weeks’ time and will be available to the general public for use.

Beta response

Targeted at independent travelers, Traverik has got rave reviews from its early adopters. Its intuitive way of trip planning makes the otherwise laborious process fun. A lot of hard work in coding work has gone into the website. Ashutosh Pandey has had successful stints with start-ups before this and has put in the imbibed knowledge and experience into Traverik. Post public release, one can expect Traverik to partner with local tour operators in providing a wholesome experience to its users.

Furthermore, the Traverik team is now looking for funding partners to take this novel product to the next

level. Give Traverik a spin.


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