Give Your twocents on the Movies You Watch!

Have you wasted your money on a movie because of somebody’s recommendation? Do you rely on the 5 or 10 point grading system? twocents promises reliable movie recommendations. Twocents is a movie review and recommendation site (with apps for several platforms coming up) that focuses on the user’s social circle. Their App is linked with Facebook and thus the social front is established.
We have seen significant flaws with the 5 or 10 point systems. One issue is that they are open to significant manipulation by fans IMDb is known to have had instances of large groups of people coming together to alter a movie’s ratings to be more in line with what they believe is appropriate. Also relative performance grading by your Facebook friends will help in choosing the right option,” says Raveesh Bhalla, co-founder, twocents.

Two Cents is the brainchild of Raveesh and Shashank Nayak. Raveesh manages the front-end is the developer, whereas Shashank manages the back-end of the portal. “Both of us have been friends for the past six years, ever since their 9th grade. As fate would have it, we were both in the same Computer Engineering class during our four years at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. Our mutual disgust at the outdated syllabus brought us together to work on several projects. As we iterated through various apps, twocents was born,” says Shashank, co-founder, sharing their “story”.

Social media integration had been planned right from the beginning. Primary reason behind the move was that, it enabled trusted responses and recommendations. Apart from that, a wrong movie recommendation of the movie Drive (IMDb rating 8 ) triggered the idea of Two cents in them.

Raveesh and Shashank want to make it extremely simple and quick to give responses,  particularly when they plan go mobile, and hence they’ve restricted users to only three pre-decided responses. You either suggest a user to catch a movie or leave it, or if you want to make plans for it, say you want to see it.

We understand that users don’t agree with the opinions of several of their friends, and we’ve already taken steps to address that. As every twocent is shared, we analyze the similarity in tastes between two friends, and rank their relationships accordingly. So the twocents shared by a friend whose tastes are similar to the users’ would be pushed up higher,” says Raveesh, explaining the oomph factor of twocents.

The challenge that they are currently facing is to bring in not only users, but also their friends so that content flows through their feed regularly. They’ve extended their Facebook integration by linking up with a user’s Timeline, so that any twocents they share is auto-posted onto their Timeline. This way, they don’t need their users to be on Twocents to browse their reviews; they can do so on Facebook itself.

The twocents team wishes to take their concept to multiple platforms as soon as possible, and is also planning to launch a mobile app soon.

Watched a movie recently? Give your review on twocents.


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