Unveiling the Finalists from the Last Leg of Edustars 2012


With over 70 applications received from education startups in the last leg of the Edustars campaign, the campaign has seen overwhelming response so far. With just 2 days to go for the Edustars Grand Finale, Team YourStory is proud to unveil three more emerging education startups who will be joining the finalists from the first two legs of the campaign.BrainNook has been chosen as the Edustar of the final leg of the campaign. Find more details about BrainNook below along with the other two finalists - LearnSocial and Oliveboard who will be presenting at the Grand Finale (9 education startups in total will demo) of Edustars on this Saturday, August 25, 2012. Come, be a part of India’s first showcasing platform for Education Startups as we showcase the winners at the Grand Finale. For more details take a look at the Edustars Grand Finale

Presenting this month’s Edustar finalists:


Founder: Abhi Vijayakar

BrainNook is the next generation of learning games for schools and homes. It solves one of the biggest problems teachers and parents face: keeping kids engaged in important subjects like math and language arts that are critical to long term success.

BrainNook is Club Penguin with powerful teacher tools at the back end. Kids can play educational games with their friends in real time while exploring virtual worlds, with their teachers and parents directing and monitoring their progress.

Their vision is to enable kids to learn in a fun manner wherever they are and whenever they want, while keeping them connected to their friends, and with their teachers and parents supporting and encouraging them.

For more information, take a look at BrainNook's website


Founder: Satya Ganni and Pramod Nair

LearnSocial.com is a P2P Learning Platform. Their vision is to be ""eBay for Learning"

LearnSocial offers a unique Hybrid Learning Platform which allows individuals to learn via a Physical (in-person) Class, Virtual Class or Self paced Learning. The Core of LearnSocial is a Professionalization Engine which understands a person’s learning interests and builds a learning graph for him.

LearnSocial.com intends to make its platform available to anyone, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

For more information, take a look at LearnSocial's website


Founder: Abhishek Patil

Oliveboard is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes education for every individual. Oliveboard adapts test preparation material to an individual student's needs and creates unique customized learning modules by analyzing student data across hundreds of data points including subject, concept, difficulty level, along with the student's preferred learning format, pace etc. All this in a social learning environment that is fun yet efficient.

For more information, take a look at Oliveboard's website