Veddis Ventures launches Incubator in Gurgaon; Plans to set up Centres in Mumbai and Hyderabad


This article is part of the series called Startup Hatch, about incubators and accelerators in the startup ecosystem.

Veddis Ventures, founded in 2007, with offices in London and Gibraltar, has come to India and lowered its anchor in Gurgaon to set up its first incubation centre – Veddis Advisors. It was founded by Vikrant Bhargava, an IIT Delhi Alumnus, who was also the co-founder of Partygaming. Veddis Ventures has been investing in media, social

networking, and information technology companies in Europe, the US and India.

Manish Sinha, CEO of Veddis Advisors, says “Veddis has made a few investments in India already, and we are now incubating companies in consumer technology and other high growth sectors at our incubation centre in Gurgaon. Other centers are coming up in Mumbai and Hyderabad."

Veddis intends to invest over $10-20 million in its current incubatee companies:

1) Favista - A real estate brokerage company offering end-to-end property services, with a focus on facts and visuals that assist decision making. Leveraging the internet and personal service through trained brokers, Favista intends to make each real estate transaction a smart investment and a hassle free experience for both buyers and sellers.

2) Rovolt Entertainment - A new age Media Company that is developing 4 titles for different age groups – children and young adults, and is in the process of creating gaming and animation content for the same. Rovolt is bringing together talent from across the globe and building content for international distribution.

3) Veddis Solars - is successfully deploying large scale solar powered street lighting, water pumps and diesel generator replacement across India.

Much more than a standard incubator

Besides the standard setup of having space and technology infrastructure, the incubation services provided by Veddis include in-house marketing, SEO and SEM, CRM and website development teams as well as full legal and accounting services support. Most significantly, it also provides business strategy mentoring by a team that has successfully developed and executed strategies in a number of global companies to its incubatee companies. Identifying these services as areas that startups require the most, Veddis Venture’s offers a good value proposition to its incubatees.

Find out more about Veddis Ventures here.


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