Warrantify, the Web Based Receipts Manager Integrates Evernote and Dropbox


Warrantify is a web-based, paperless, one-stop-shop where retailers and consumers easily manage warranties and receipts. Launched closed to two years back, Warrantify has gained significant traction over the years and also presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. Launching the android app at the conference, post which the iPad app was launched, Haritash Tamvada, the founder at Warrantify is buoyant about the new developments.

Evernote and Dropbox Partnership

Talking about the Evernote integrations, Haritash says, "We have now integrated Evernote service within Warrantify app where consumers can import their product related notes (warranties/receipts) into warrantify as well as giving an option to export their warrantified receipts/warranties to their evernote accounts and this will be a huge value add for the customers."

The app now also allows consumers to get their product related documents from Dropbox into Warrantify right within the app. "We also allow our users to export their product related docs to their Dropbox accounts." adds Haritash.


The product has been undergoing multiple changes and having taken feedback from the customers over time, Warrantify has also made other significant change:

Offline access and making registration optional: "We are now allowing our users an offline mode as well (making registering with our service optional) thereby allowing consumers to have a digital archive of their product warranties and receipts in the mobile phone, ofcourse with an option to sync by logging in (registering) and access them across all your devices." informs Haritash.


Talking about the numbers, Haritash mentions, "We have around 50,000+ downloads on the app stores (ios and android) as of August 01, 2012 which I consider to be good given the fact that we have not invested a single dollar on marketing yet. We're currently looking for funding and once secured, we'd be more bullish on the marketing front."

Focused on the product currently, the major revenue source for Warrantify would be retail partners and other value added services. Also, moving forward, Warrantify is in the process of starting their Enterprise business aimed mainly at corporates. The new android version of Warrantify has seen significant updates and keep an eye on this space for some more movement.

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