Youth to Business Forum 2012: AIESEC gives you an opportunity - How big is your idea ?


Youth to Business 2012 is the annual business conclave hosted by AIESEC aimed to create a corporate atmosphere among various delegates. Youth to business 2012 also acts as a platform for the youth to engage & develop their potential through a series of competitions & training seminars in over 50 colleges to qualify for the final showdown of AIESEC at IIT Delhi’s BIGGEST event of the year - Youth to Business - Business Case Competition. It revolves around the idea of creating, connecting and working with Business.

It is an opportunity for college students to engage with the corporate world and take a step closer to their dreams through the various phases of our event, including a series of fun competitions and solving of case studies related to their field.The various phases of the event include a series of activities, workshops, inspirational talks by renowned business leaders and a business case-study competition. It aims to engage around 10,000 students from top 50 colleges in Delhi-NCR.

The event is divided in 3 stages. Stage 1, to be conducted within the first 2 weeks of August, will witness on-campus events in 30+ colleges with a student outreach of at least 1000 in each college. Stage 2 wherein the top teams would be given case studies would be held 10 days prior to the main event, which is scheduled to take place on 3rd September, 2012 at Indian International Centre. The final day would witness at least 120 participants, around 700 delegates from corporate circles. The total outreach is expected to be 10000 students.

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