"83% in India say that wireless has improved life in their country in general," TIMES & Qualcomm Report

The world is recognizing the importance of mobile and especially in the developing countries. The approach "Mobile First, Desktop Second" is gaining prominence and keeping this in mind TIMES Magazine in association with Qualcomm did a survey on the theme "The Wireless Issue, 10 Ways Your Phone is Changing the World".

The global mobile poll was conducted to collect comprehensive data on the impact of mobile technology on the economy, society, politics, culture and quality of life. Mobile users were surveyed in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States to demonstrate that the impact of mobile technology is truly global and relevant in both developed and developing markets. Here is some data about India from the report:

  • Mobile phone users in India are nearly constantly connected to their devices. 81% of wireless users in India check their phone at least once an hour (compared to 70% globally) and 63% say they check it at least once every 30 minutes. 76% say they browse the internet on their wireless mobile device at least a few times a week, up from only 36% just five years ago. 69% (compared to 62% globally) use their devices while riding public transportation and 47% of Indians say they use their device while at the movie theater.
  • Wireless mobile technology, simply put, has made India a better country. 83% in India say that wireless has improved life in their country in general, compared to 69% globally. 74% say that it has strengthened India’s economy. 97% say that wireless mobile technology has made India a more efficient place to do business.
  • Overwhelming majorities in India see advancements in wireless technology as beneficial to the most important aspects of life. 92% say wireless plays an important role in healthcare in India and 96% say it is important to public safety.
  • Indians send and receive about 72 text/SMS messages every day, almost double the worldwide average.
  • 95% in India say they are satisfied with their wireless mobile service.
  • 53% in India say a reason to replace a phone is that they always want to have the latest technology. 57% would replace a phone because they want to have access to features that their current phone lacks.

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