AnonymousOwn3r Takes GoDaddy Down; Millions of Sites Crash Subsequently


In a recent happening, Go Daddy, world's largest Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company faced the wrath of @AnonymousOwn3r (Twitter Handle). Facing the attack, Go Daddy went down, taking alongside it, millions of other sites.

Go Daddy tweeted that they're aware of the problem and are working on it feverishly to get it sorted but this only makes one feel insecure about the whole issue.

The news, as has become a commonality, again broke on Twitter. Techcrunch reported holding Anonymous responsible but soon, AnonymousOwn3r took the responsibility for the attack. Claiming to be from Brazil, AnonymousOwn3r’s bio reads “Security leader of #Anonymous (~Official member~).”

 A few articles on Security might make a sense.


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