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Indians are obsessed about career plans and trajectories. A huge chunk of the population being very reticent about what they'd like to become, engineering and medicine being the most cherished and abused lines of education, students are scourging the net more and more for information. The career trajectories are often made on public perception and data such as the interest of the

candidate, the aptitude of the candidate and the academic program that will suit the candidate.While the first two data sets need to be determined by the candidate and their influencers, the third data is only available through word of mouth. There are efforts being made to solve this problem but we don't have a clear solution yet. Another focused effort is being made to address this issue via ; a website that has important information about colleges in the Mumbai and Pune Area and caught up with the founders, Utsav Agarwal(Bottom Left) and Manav Agarwal (Top Right) to learn more.

“There is confusion everywhere”

The website is aimed at addressing the confusion face by students on the threshold of making a career defining decision; which college and course should I choose? Built for students in their 10th and 12th year of school education, aims to answer the many questions that riddle the mind of the adolescent who is about to make one of the most important decisions of their life.“Someone who has scored a 40% has the same confusion that someone who has scored 90% has. While the confusion is caused by different reasons, there is a need for unbiased college and course information which can be found in one place and is just that” says Utsav Agarwal. Providing students with a smooth transition from school to college is the motto that Passout abides by.

Relevant services

In a bid to provide a solution to the fore mentioned confusion, Passout provides the following services to its users

i) College Review – This is a review of all the colleges in the Mumbai and Pune areas, which includes students opinions

ii) College Ratings – This is a star rating colleges on various aspects, such as Campus, Crowd, fests etc.

iii) Cut off tool – This provides colleges that one is eligible to apply based on the academic performance of the candidate.

Furthermore, also features articles written by students, to provide them a platform for showcasing their literary talents.

Future – Revenue and Growth

Web portals in education segment do not have a great track record of surviving the internet’s competitive environment, but Utsav Agarwal believes that they can cut across the tide. aims to setting up a revenue bearing infrastructure around its core competency. Revenue models include services such as counseling and technology platforms for book sales etc.

This team of interns led by the experienced founder looks like a focused outfit. With expansion plans which aim to cover other metros, data collection and counseling is going to be time and capital intensive. Only time will tell how things will span out, we wish the team at all the best for the future.

Confused about college admissions? Check out Passout.


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