Did you Dig your Facebook Data? Wolfram Alpha's Tool Brings Out the Deepest Personal Analytics


Making the world's knowledge computable, Wolfram Alpha provides a new way of looking for answers- it doesn't search the web to give answers but provides answers by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods. Wolfram's long term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.

In a recent development, Wolfram came up with this amazingly deep facebook analysis tool wherein it coughs up everything about your Facebook profile. It gives every kind of imaginable data breakup like- the average word count of your status updates to your most liked photo to the percentage of friends who have their 'relationship status' as single.

All one needs to do to get the report is to go to wolframalpha.com and punch in "Facebook Report" and grant access to the app.


Analysing my profile which has more than 700 friends on the 'friend list', it tells me; I've made 487 wall posts with '1687 likes' and 788 comments. I average 4.13 'likes' per post with an average post length of 15.5 words! The level of detail is mind boggling. It also tells me about the most commented photo of mine, most liked photo and pie charts about my friends' demographics.

The world is flat, well, it certainly is online. Here's a chart of the connections I carry:

This brings one to a very important juncture about privacy. How secure are we about our data? I was willing enough to share my data with the Wolfram App which now knows every single detail of my friend network. With the blogosphere abuzz with news about this intriguing tool, massive usage has followed which points towards the fact that if you make something that incite people, they're willing to give out all information.

Go to Wolfram alpha to get your Facebook Report.

Tip off- Aditya Bhushan


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