Dropmyemail services now in Hindi


Asia based company Dropmysite’s cloud based email backup solution, Dropmyemail, has released a site in Hindi. Well known for being one of the fastest growing companies in Asia, Dropmyemail boasts of close to a million users. Indian users make up 18% of its vast user base. Currently, the service is

translated into 8 languages, namely English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Thai and now Hindi.CEO of Dropmyemail, John Fearon, commented “With this new language option, we think we can grow even faster (than we already have). There are an estimated 3.4 billion emails in the world today and our aim is to back-up the Internet, so we have lots of work to do.

Dropmyemail Office in Mumbai

Dropmyemail recently opened its Mumbai office to support its growing Indian user base. The Mumbai office, head by Business Development Manager, Akash Nemani, is among 3 international offices (Dallas and Buenos Aires). In the near future, Dropmyemail’s Head of EMEA, Charif El Ansari (ex-Google SouthEast Asia Head of Business Development) will set up the 4th office to pursue Dropmyemail’s interests in the region.

The next few languages that Dromyemail will be translated into will be Spanish and Arabic to be more accessible to the South American continent and the Middle East.

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