The Farmguy who Made the World Tweet!


Born to modest parents living in a small farm of Nebraska, the only worry of the guy"s family was harvesting good crop during summers. But this little guy saw a world beyond his farm. First starting the world"s most popular blogging site, Blogger, Evan Williams introduced the world to micro-blogging, making millions world over tweet by starting world first micro-blogging site - Twitter.Following the crowd, Williams had joined University of Nebraska but later he realized that his dreams lie outside the classroom. Therefore, after two years of college, he dropped out. Initially, things weren’t easy. Williams started working for newly established firms to gain experience. Despite working very hard, he couldn’t achieve the goals he had set for himself. During those days, he had almost returned to his farm, fortunately, an opportunity knocked his door and he started working with O’Relly Media, California. Eventually, he gained expertise in marketing, programming and soon started working for companies like Hewlett Packard and Intel.

Birth of Twitter

Later, with the help of Meg Hourihan, Williams ended up making Pyra-Labs which culminated into Blogger- the most popular blogging site in the world. Considering the popularity of Blogger, Google decided to strike a deal with them in 2003. With an idea to come up with something innovative, Williams left Google in 2004. During that period, he started companies like Odeo (for podcasting), Obvious Corp et al. Yet, William was not comfortable with the established territories. Soon, in 2006, with Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, he founded Twitter, a social networking site which is now used by 190 million users per month.However, the journey after that wasn’t easy. In 2008, it got really difficult for Twitter to meet the expectations that came with exponential growth. Williams replaced Jack as a CEO and took the challenge to settle things. Using his insight and with his passion for Internet, he stabilized the shake-ups that were surfacing at the backend. In October 2010, he stepped down from the post of CEO to concentrate on product strategy and innovation. His latest project is Medium (web publishing site) which was launched last month.

One of the most important lessons learnt from Williams is that – in life, there is no stopping. William, a little farm guy to the entrepreneur who made Twitter, believes that “one just can’t quit dreaming”. What do you believe?

Author credit: Mohita Adhvaryu


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