Troubled By Health Issues? Fitho Provides Online Weight Loss Diet Plans!


The craze for six pack abs and a fitter healthier body has occupied minds globally. Today Gyms promising to change the way your body looks and reduction centers like the ones at VLCC are visited not only by the desperate but also the image conscious. In this burgeoning space Prachi Agarwal may be a new comer but the ideas that Fitho is pushing certainly bears looking into.

Prachi is a B.A Hons graduate from IP College, Delhi & LP at IIM Ahmedabad. She told us more about her previous areas of experience saying “Before starting Fitho, I led digital marketing for HMV Saregama and the marketing launch of Pacific Mall. I joined Fitho full time in 2011 March, and pivoted our previous business model to relaunch the current Fitho online diet plan, priced at Rs 499- Rs 799 per month.

Dhruv Gupta is the co-founder at Fitho and a Bachelor in Computer Science Engg from the University of Michigan. He previously co-founded and is the founder of GKB Online, e-commerce for eyewear.

Prachi adds “We have 7 other team members focusing on technology, nutrition and marketing”

What is Fitho ?

Unlike gyms and other offline services that put you through the physical grind of losing weight, Fitho regulates and helps you with the often neglected aspect of nutrition. After all you are what you eat. Fitho is a web based service that creates a customized diet plan for each individual to help them lose weight. The diet plan is customized based on your personal information, lifestyle choices & more. Each diet is nutritionally balanced and it’s easy to follow.

Their Launch

Quite contrary to its present avatar of a service provider, Fitho originally started as just a website in 2009, providing accurate information on diet, nutrition, weight loss & fitness. Prachi says “In 2010, we launched our premium diet plan services with a different business model. In Q1 2012 we launched our completely online weight loss diet plan at Rs 799 per month. People from over 40 cities have signed up for the service till now. We are seeing an average of 36% MoM growth.”

“We market Fitho using standard internet marketing tools, with a strong focus on social media. As a result, we see very high engagement on Facebook.”

Whats in a name

When we asked why they chose the name “Fitho” Prachi replied “The name signifies what we as a company aim to do – to help you get fit. A large number of people are overweight, who try all kinds of tricks and unhealthy means to lose weight. We want to help people get fit, while being healthy. Thus our name.”

Their revenue generation model is based on paid subscriptions of their weight loss diet plans that comes in three packages of 1 month, 3 month and 6 months.

Prachi believe that Fitho will do well because of their “Innovative business model & Technology”. She also stated how their weak point is actually an opportunity to succeed saying “ Large number of Indians are becoming overweight, facing lifestyle disorders, who need to lose weight.”

The only point she conceded is that India’s slowing growth is a threat to her business model. The site also has a customer service number if you need to talk to someone about your weight loss diet plan, online payments etc.

Give Fitho a spin and get that shape you always wanted.