GAMOOZ: Giving it all to Augment Reality; Pulled Off World’s Biggest AR Campaign with Ford


Software engineers in big companies have a usual grievance- “Our life is very monotonous.” Many eventually reach a tipping point and decide to shift jobs or startup. Gaurav Wadwa and Harsh Mathur don’t fall in the same category but something caught their fancy and it was no brief infatuation, they became increasingly passionate about their new love which was Augmented Reality.Consuming resources on the net and experimenting with AR SDKs, this duo got sucked in by Augmented Reality. Building apps and successfully completing challenging freelance projects, they gained in confidence and really thought that it can be looked upon as a career. Taking the leap, they founded GAMOOZ (the name comes from Games +Ooze). One of the biggest success came for them when they pulled off Ford’s AR campaign which reached out to close to 5 million people. The scale of the campaign is not the only plus point because apart from the reach, GAMOOZ was able to deliver in record time of under 5 days!


Competing with the biggie TeliBrahma, GAMOOZ has a relatively dry field as far as competition is considered. GAMOOZ is also the only company in India to be a part of the Layar Partner Network. GAMOOZ is also the only company in India, which is a Junaio Certified Developer. Based out of Gurgaon, GAMOOZ moved to a plush IT Park recently, one of the major reasons being that you need to have an office in India to woo a customer. It’s one of those typical local things one has to accept. Hiring 2 developers, the team strength stands at 4 but the core competency lies with the founders and their knowledge and passion for Augmented Reality. They are also working with 6-freelancers whom they plan to hire very soon.


Concentrating on services currently to develop a financial cushion, GAMOOZ has strong plans to come up with a product to scale rapidly. Also looking for investing, GAMOOZ was a Tech30 company and came to the limelight with their innovative technology. Asking who their target market is? “Anyone who wants to market themselves is our market,” says Gaurav with oozing confidence. “3D content, platform creation, SAP enterprise mobility apps + AR, we’ve got it all covered,” he adds. Having successfully done projects from various countries including US, Germany, UAE, UK and many more, looking for work has never been a problem but what the duo wants to achieve is the awareness about Augmented Reality within India.

“We want to become the biggest AR solution providers in India within the next 2 years and want to bring AR to as many people as we can,” envisions a beaming Harsh. And on this optimistic note, the duo concluded with, “You’ll see a lot more coming from us.”


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