GoIbibo Reports- 25% of Indian Travellers Change their Travel Plan After Confirmed Booking


Goibibo.com, the travel web site has tracked the trend of travellers on their frequency of change in their plans. This is based on the insight from its buyers’ data. According to the report, 25% of travellers change their travel plans after booking and 20% more women change their travel plans compared to men.According to the research report - The top routes for travel plan changes have been found to be Bangalore-Delhi and vice versa followed by Mumbai-Delhi.

The top five reasons for the same are

  • Change in business travel plans
  • Extension of stay at destination
  • Travellers health issues
  • Personal or family emergency
  • Change in flight timings’ by the airlines.

Women have been found to change their travel plans more frequently than men. It has also been seen that Bangalore has the highest number of women travellers followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. 

Ashish Kashyap, Group CEO, ibibo Web said, “At Goibibo.com we are obsessed about data and analytics and thereby leveraging the same to drive a superior user experience. We publish travel insights based on real data that we study every hour of the day. With the insights of large volume of changes in a travelers plan, Goibibo has enabled the traveler to access the fastest re-scheduling, cancellation and refund processes.

On similar lines, the online travel meta search site, Wego which recently forayed into India also has interesting data. "The user behavior off late gave indications of the country’s growing concern over exchange rates. Users had been spending more time to select hotels and flights to get the best deal." said Wego India Manager, Jackson Fernandez.

Travel websites have been collecting data intensively and have used it to great effect in placing their offers. As we move on this data heavy road, number crunching will become more vigorous and making sense out of numbers will become all the more important.


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