Guide to Raise a Series A Funding Round [Download]

Starting up and raising funds are always talked together. Raising funds is considered rather difficult and a long process in India. Though not the ultimate goal for a startup, it certainly comes across as a challenge. Mukund Mohan, a serial entrepreneur and investor has successfully raised money 3 times (to a total of $29 Million – series A, B and C) and failed twice (once trying to raise $2 Million series A and second time $3-$5 Million series B) during his entrepreneurial journey. He wrote a series of articles about how to raise a series A funding round. Here, we're making the articles available in the form of a digest.

Step 1: Setting up a Meeting and the Initial Call

Step 2: First meeting and follow up

Step 3: How To Present to The Partnership? 

Step 4: Negotiations and Legal Discussion

Step 5: due diligence and transfer of money to the bank

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