Head to trait for Acquiring the Skill You Always Wanted; A Marketplace for Skills

We always wanted learn that special trait but could never take out the time for it or could not figure out how. <trait> is one such marketplace where you can do just that, be it learning 'how to repair a mechanical watch' or simple 'app development'. Also, there are many occasions where you possess a skill and want to teach that to others but how do you do it? <trait> also allows you to create a class.
Co-Founded by an IIM Bangalore alumni, Shekhar Gurav, very catchily titled, <trait> is a marketplace for skills. The registration process asks for your name, phone number and the city. Once done, you're shown with the list of traits that are being taught around you. You can choose to track the ones you're interested in and once enough 'tracks' are there, the venue and time is fixed. The session can be re-scheduled according to the group's convenience.

Hailing from Bangalore, I tried out the options and as expected found a lot of classes teaching technical skills like learning a language or UX tips for a startup and such. But there are also interesting sessions like "Rum Tasting" and "Creative use of light in photography". There are close to 60 classes listed for Bangalore.

Money? Yes, you can charge for your classes. <trait> has an integrated payment gateway. <trait> charges 20% of what you earn via your class. "You will receive your money within 24 hours after your class is over." claims <trait>

The major responsibility for promotion about the class remains on the teacher but <trait> chips in with its own social media channels which is still very young one must admit. The fact that <trait> can also help with venue selection is a plus. From schools to coffee shops to office spaces, any location can be your classroom. They've put together a list of places <trait> has tie ups with and places where their users have hosted classes peviously.

<trait> is on Yourstory Pages. Create yours!

Go, learn a <trait>